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Google Ads Generator

Create a Google AdWords campaign with keywords and masks in 60 seconds! The utility generates ad groups (1 key = 1 group), keywords in the match types you choose, and ads in the group. In ads, you can substitute the key or the N-th word from the key. Copy the result, paste it into AdWords Editor. Perfect for quickly putting together a campaign structure for masks or for SKA (Single Keyword Adgroup).

You can specify a unique URL and/or Heading 1 for any key in the format: keyword|url|heading1

URL only: keyword|url

Title only: keyword||title1

Example: pvc panel||Buy pvc panel

Ad Utility Macros:

[KeyWord], [Keyword], [keyword] - substitute a keyword from the list instead of a macro in the appropriate register.

[word1], [Word1], ..., [word5], [Word5] — substitute the selected you count the word from the keyword from the list instead of the macro in the appropriate case.

If you are importing into an already created campaign, just copy its exact name here.

How to use:

  • Fill in the required fields
  • Click "Generate"
  • Copy to clipboard
  • In the AdWords Editor menu: "Account" -> "Import" -> "Insert text" (or "From file" for a downloaded campaign).
  • Paste the copied fragment there.

How to use the Google Ads Generator. Tutorial video